TM 5-3895-373-34 2.52 REPAIR TOW POINT CYLINDER - Continued. C. INSPECT - Continued. 4. INSPECT CYLINDER HEAD. a. Visually   inspect   cylinder   head   (3),   preformed packing    groove    I,    and    cylinder    tube    seating surface J.  Check for any raised edges or nicks that  may  damage  preformed  packings  or  impair sealing. b. Remove raised edges or nicks with crocus cloth. c. Visually inspect ring wiper seating surface K and compression   cup   surface   L.      Check   for   any raised   edges   or   nicks   that   may   damage   ring wiper and compression cup. d. Remove   raised   edges   and   nicks   with   crocus cloth. e. Replace cylinder head (3) if scratches, pits, and sharp edges cannot be polished out. f. Inspect   threads   M.      If   threads   are   distorted, replace cylinder head. 5. INSPECT  PISTON. a. Run    your    finger    along    edges    of    piston    (8) packing retainer  and  preformed  packing  seating surfaces N and O.  Feel for any sharp edges or nicks   that   can   damage   packing   retainers   and seals. b. Remove   sharp   edges   and   nicks   with   crocus cloth. c. Replace    piston    (8)    if    sharp    edges    or    nicks cannot be polished out. GO TO NEXT PAGE 2-694


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